The Dragon Shifter’s Mates

The last of the dragon shifters meets her four alpha mates. Life is about to get a little bit dangerous…

Dragon’s Guard (#1)

Dragon's Guard coverThe last of her kind. Four hot alpha mates. A legacy of bloodshed.

When Ren Landis goes looking for excitement on her 21st birthday, getting kidnapped is a little more than she bargained for. So is finding out that shifters exist—and that she’s one too. As the last of the dragon shifters, she’s got a role to fulfill: Take the alphas of the four shifter groups as her mates and unite all shifter kind. No pressure, right?

Too bad Ren’s fate isn’t as simple as getting it on with four scorching-hot guys. Someone is out for dragon shifter blood, intent on finishing the massacre they started years ago. If Ren can’t figure out how to kickstart her buried powers, her life’s about to go down in flames.

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Dragon’s Tears (#2)

Dragon's Tears coverDiscovering you may be the last dragon shifter alive—and that you’re destined to take four hot alpha shifters as your mates—can throw a girl for a bit of a loop. But now that Ren is getting her powers and her enemies under control, her confidence is growing. A little hike into the mountains to uncover her mother’s last secret seems like no big deal with her guys by her side.

Too bad life has other plans. The farther Ren goes, the more other secrets surface. Secrets that threaten the fragile peace between the shifters and the fae. Secrets that could destroy the bond Ren’s forming with her mates. With unexpected enemies around every corner, it’ll take all her newfound strength to survive the fray.

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Dragon’s Desire (#3)

Dragon's Desire coverRen is finally getting used to the idea that she’s the last dragon shifter alive—destined to take four alpha shifters as her mates and unite all shifter kind—when more trouble looms on the horizon. The rogue group that slaughtered her family is still out for blood, and they don’t care who they hurt along the way.

Ren and her mates set out to quash the rebellion once and for all. But the rogues have allies in unexpected places, startling enough to shake Ren’s resolve. Throw in a challenger hoping to wrench the position of alpha from one of her guys, and this dragon shifter has reached her limit. How can a girl who’s only known she’s a shifter for three weeks heal sixteen years of chaos?

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Dragon’s Fate (#4)

Dragon's Fate coverThe paranormal world just can’t seem to cut Ren a break. Just when she thought she could finally settle into normal—well, relatively normal—life as the last of the dragon shifters with her four alpha mates, she finds her people on the brink of a supernatural war. The vampires have decided all shifter kind must be exterminated, and they’ve got the firepower to make good on that goal.

Ren’s got plenty of fire of her own, of course. But she’s only one dragon, and there are a whole lot of vampires. As she scrambles to protect all of her kin and figure up what the heck is up with the last of her mates, she can’t help suspecting this challenge is more than she and her alphas can handle alone.

The secrets buried in the dragon shifter estate may hold the answer—but finding it will force her to question everything she thought she knew about this new world.

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Dragon’s Joy (Christmas novella)

Dragon's JoyWhen Ren took on her role as leader of all shifter kind, she brought peace after years of chaos. Now she’s determined to bring her people the most epic Christmas celebration they’ve ever had. And if her mates and friends keep checking in to make sure she’s okay, she’ll just have to keep reminding them she’s only pregnant, not an invalid.

Ren’s mates intend to make this Christmas spectacular for their dragon shifter too, especially since they suspect there’s more behind her frantic party planning than an avid holiday spirit. Will the surprises they have in store help her find her own peace before they welcome their newborn daughter?

Dragon’s Joy is a sweet-and-sexy novella meant to warm the heart this holiday season. Catch up with Ren, her alpha mates, and all their friends to discover where their lives are taking them next!

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