Royals of Villain Academy

A defiant young woman who’s just discovered her magic. Four hot, arrogant men determined to break her. Who will surrender first?

Cruel Magic (#1)

Cruel Magic coverI thought I was ordinary Rory Franco: college student, artist, and over-protected daughter. Then mages barge into my family’s home, murder my parents, and whisk me off to a university known to the rest of magical society as Villain Academy.

It turns out I’m Persephone Bloodstone, the long lost heir to one of the five royal families of dark magic. I’m destined to learn how to manipulate the world with fear—and to stand beside the four other scions: the scorching-hot, arrogant young men who rule this school.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble locating my supposedly wicked skills. I don’t want to use a power that feeds off people’s pain, but I have to tap into my talents fast if I want to survive. I’ve got no time to grieve for my family. The students here are even more vicious than the teachers, and my fellow scions are worst of all.

The four of them crush anyone who doesn’t kowtow. No way will I bow to any villain, no matter how brutally alluring. They can turn on the charm or tear me down, but they can’t break me, even if I can barely get my magic working.

They’ve never met anyone like me before. I don’t care about ruling. I just want to avenge the people I loved.

It doesn’t matter what kind of power runs through my veins. I’m taking Villain Academy down.

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Vile Sorcery (#2)

Vile Sorcery coverIn a month, I’ve gone from magicless to one of the most powerful dark mages in the world. You’d think that would make my life easier.

But all that power is only potential until I learn how to wield it, and my enemies have a huge head start. While I’m picking up every skill I can, adversaries both within Villain Academy and beyond it are working to knock me down.

My fellow scions? I can count at least a couple of them among those enemies. The others… Let’s just say the lines between light and dark have gotten a lot more blurred.

Nothing’s safe here—not my mind, my heart, my magic, or the few people who’re proving themselves my allies. When the danger turns deadly, will I be able to save all of them and myself?

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Sinister Wizardry (#3)

SinisterWizardry coverDo I want to spend my summer with my vicious classmates at Bloodstone University—better known as Villain Academy? No, thank you. But I’ve got to find a way to tackle my enemies before they try to destroy me again, and the trail to potential answers starts there.

I’ve had it with taking the high road, though. Come at me, and you’d better believe I’ll hit you back just as hard. Maybe that’ll mean I have to tap into my dark magic instincts more than I’d ever have planned to, but I’m not letting one more person I care about get hurt.

That also means I’ve got to steer clear of the one guy I completely trust, or I might ruin his life too. With two of the other scions vying for my attention and the last shifting his campaign against me in an unexpected way, I’ve got my hands full as it is.

I can’t say whether I’ll survive everything this summer has in store. All I know for sure is it’s going to be a hot one.

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Horrid Charms (#4)

Horrid Charms coverEvery time I turn around, new opponents are looking to knock me down. No part of the magical community is safe. And now my enemies have left me with a horrible accusation hanging over my head, using so many tricks I can barely defend myself.

If I want to clear my name and keep my freedom, I have to turn to the guys who once made my life hell. They’ve changed their tune and made amends, but how far can I really count on them? Especially if they discover that my greatest foes are within their families.

I’m going to have to find out. The truth can’t stay hidden forever. But no matter what the villains in the university and beyond it throw at me, I won’t give in. I’m the last of the Bloodstones… and hanging onto that role may be the only way I can save everything that matters to me.

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Corrupt Alchemy (#5)

Corrupt Alchemy coverI was starting to think I knew what I was dealing with here at the university best known as Villain Academy. Not so much. But can I really trust a shocking revelation from someone who’s proven to be my enemy?

There’s no way to answer that without diving in. If my mother is still out there alive, I have to uncover the truth. Even if it means putting myself back in the hands of the mages who’ve betrayed me before.

The other scions have my back now, with all the trouble that’s brought them. How much more will they have to sacrifice before we can find some kind of peace? I’m ready to fight for my newfound life, my family, and the guys I’m falling for… but this battle may bring more casualties than I can bear.

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Foul Conjuring (#6)

Foul Conjuring coverHaving my birth mother back in my life? To say it’s a big transition is an understatement. Especially when she’s basically a stranger to me, and I’m not sure yet whether I can trust her to be any more maternal than the average fearmancer parent (which, spoiler, isn’t much).

Unfortunately, the other barons aren’t giving me time to ease into the situation. They’ve turned their sights on my fellow scions and newfound lovers, putting them under fire from far too close to home. As if that wasn’t enough, an unsettling plan is unfolding that threatens every student on campus.

I’m starting to think there’s more at stake here at Villain Academy than I ever suspected. While I’m facing uncomfortable revelations at every turn, can I find the strength to protect everyone I care about?

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Grim Witchery (#7)

Grim Witchery coverI’ve won one victory against my enemies, but it seems the barons are just getting started with their new, vicious schemes. They’ll stop at nothing to expand their power.

Any move I make to oppose them could have horrible consequences for both me and the guys I love. My only hope is playing along until the right opportunity comes my way.

There’s a chance I could sway my mother if I can earn her trust. She may be brutal when she feels she needs to be, but I’ve seen glimpses of a softer side underneath. Can I walk the line between obedience and resistance without losing so much more than I already have?

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Vicious Arts (#8)

Vicious Arts coverThe battle lines have been drawn. My fellow scions and I stand on one side, and the power-hungry barons on the other.

The scheme they’ve put in motion could shatter both our community and the nonmagical world. Neither I nor the guys I love are willing to let that happen, but with the barons throwing both laws and parental bonds aside, we’re short on options. The fate of our world could come down to a literal battle for our lives, one I’m not sure we have any hope of winning.

Will the strength we’ve found together and the allies we’ve managed to gather be enough to carry us through? How close to the barons’ level will I have to sink to have a chance at victory? As our time runs out, the only thing we can count on is that blood will be spilled—and lots of it.

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