Moriarty’s Men

A female criminal genius draws London’s top detectives into a seductive game of cat and mouse…

A Study in Seduction (#1)

A Study in Seduction coverOne female criminal genius. Three brilliant, passionate detectives who stand in her way. Let the seduction begin…

My family expected me to play sacrificial lamb for their supernatural cult. Through a desperate bargain with a demonic fiend, I escaped—into a criminal underworld that saw me as easy prey.

I’ve proven them wrong a thousand times over. These days, what I want, I get, by whatever means necessary.

Now my fiendish friend is coming to collect its fee: my soul. I don’t intend to pay. Unfortunately, the key to my freedom lies just beyond my reach. To steal it before my time runs out, I’ll need to con the finest investigative minds in London into executing a perilous heist.

Sherlock Holmes. John Watson. Garrett Lestrade. Each at the top of their game; each with a weakness I can exploit. Each so passionate both in the field and between the sheets. I answer to no one and I left my conscience behind years ago, but the more time I spend with them, the more the edges of my steeled heart soften.

We could rule the world if we worked together. But these men will never see the real me as anything but a villain. When the chips are down, I have to betray them—or I’ll lose myself to a greater horror than they could believe exists.

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The Temptation of Four (#2)

The Temptation of Four coverAs the world’s foremost criminal mastermind, I take what I want when I want it. But my life is hardly a breeze. Especially now that I’ve got the demonic fiend I just betrayed hot on my heels.

To be fair, I do still owe that fiend my soul. A small technicality I’m about to fix. I just have to track down the most secretive sect of the cult that tormented my childhood and steal the source of their power.

When Sherlock, John, and Garrett turn up to mess with my plans, I should probably be more annoyed. If only they didn’t present such a delicious challenge both in business and in bed. I used them before; I can use them again.

Trouble is, these brilliant, passionate men are wiser to my tricks now. And as our game of cat and mouse intensifies, so do the more tender feelings I’ve been trying to ignore.

With the battle lines drawn, which of us will give in to temptation first? Will we all survive the fallout?

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The Hounds of Devotion (#3)

The Hounds of Devotion coverAt long last, I’m free from the contract that promised my soul to the shrouded folk. Now I can get to work destroying every bit of influence the demonic fiends have in our world. As an added bonus, I’ve found myself with three unexpected allies who’ll help with that mission.

It’s certainly enjoyable having Sherlock, John, and Garrett around and on my side—both for strategizing and for other, more intimate pastimes. I can’t say I’m entirely at ease with our new friendly arrangement, though. Will they run when they discover just how brutal I can be? Will my growing affection for them dull the sharp edges I need if I’m going to see this mission through?

But when the shrouded folk discover to my intentions, I may regret this alliance even more. The fiends aim to disrupt our plans by any means necessary, and that includes targeting the men I’m no longer sure I can stand to lose.

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The Valley of Flames (#4)

The Valley of Flames coverJemma begins the treacherous journey to save her sister from the shrouded folk with Bash by her side, while the London trio is left shattered by her betrayal. Will any of them make it out of this war alive?

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