Cursed Studies

Trix came to Roseborne College searching for her missing brother. Can she break the curse that holds the school—and three alluring young men—in its grip?

Academy of the Forgotten (#1)

Academy of the Forgotten coverThree haunted young men. A terrible curse. One girl who could break it… if this place doesn’t break her first.

From the first time my parents decided that getting their next hit mattered more than keeping me fed, I learned I couldn’t trust anyone—until Cade. My foster brother took me under his wing and sheltered me from the worst of the crap thrown at us.

So when he heads off on an exclusive scholarship and everyone around me starts denying he ever existed, Roseborne College has some explaining to do. I’m not leaving until I get answers.

The school I barge into isn’t what I pictured. The staff claim Cade’s never been here. The students glare like just looking at me offends them. The classes involve more torment than teaching, while sobs and howls fill the night. And three very different, unnervingly appealing guys—one of them a teacher—act way too invested in my arrival.

Some unnatural power holds this place in its grip. The more I dig, the more horrors I uncover. Finding Cade might not be my biggest problem after all. It’s looking like none of us, me included, will escape this place alive.

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Academy of the Forsaken (#2)

Academy of the Forsaken cover

When I arrived at Roseborne College searching for my foster brother, I had no idea what I was in for. In the past few weeks, I’ve endured torments both physical and emotional. I’ve looked death in the face. And I’ve made an unnerving discovery that’s left me scrambling to pick up the pieces of the quest I started out on.

But the supernatural beings who run this school haven’t conquered me yet. I’ll turn the tables on them with my newfound knowledge—and maybe with the help of three temptingly screwed-up guys I never expected to count on.

At least, that’s the plan. Everyone in this place is keeping secrets: me, the guys I might be falling for, and my brother. Secrets big enough to bring us together… or to tear us completely apart. How will I find the strength to continue the fight if it turns out I can’t trust anyone—not even myself?

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Academy of the Fateful (#3)

Academy of the Fateful cover

I thought I’d found a way to destroy the malicious power Roseborne College held over all its students—but I seem to have unleashed a host of fresh horrors instead. The school’s ruling spirits are flying free, even more intent on tormenting us. Visions from the worst moments of our pasts are stalking us like ghosts, and my foster brother may have fallen too far into his monstrous nature to be saved.

It’s all I can do to try to protect myself and the three guys I’ve fallen for here, let alone the rest of the school’s inhabitants. On top of that, the supernatural energies I’ve just discovered in myself have desires all of their own.

As our most awful mistakes consume us, can we hold onto enough faith to keep up the struggle? And how much of myself will I have to sacrifice for a single chance at freedom?

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