The Heart of a Monster

When a horde of monstrous creatures charges out of the night to attack Quinn, three men leap in to defend her. But her saviors are just as brutal and beastly as her attackers. Why are they really protecting her?

Chosen by Villains (The Heart of a Monster #1)

Chosen by Villains

Three brutal monsters came to my rescue. Now who’s going to save me from them?

Every beat of my heart is the tick of a time bomb, reminding me to squeeze as many thrills out of life as I can. Still, the last thing I expect is a horde of nightmarish monsters descending on me in the night, eager to tear me apart.

So when three more demonic figures leap out of the shadows to defend me, my choices are trust my unexpected champions… or die. Not exactly a tough decision.

The beastly men wrench me away from my home, claiming they’ll keep me safe. They say there’s something special about me—something the others want to devour and they mean to protect.

My monstrous saviors are just as brutal as the creatures they fought off, damaged in ways I’ll never understand. I can tell they’re hiding things from me. But the more we dig into the mysteries surrounding my existence, the more I catch glimpses of tenderness beneath their vicious exteriors.

And the touch of their fangs and tentacles makes me feel so shockingly alive, it’s hard to remember why I ever feared them…

Until I discover the real reason they’re protecting me.

Courted by Beasts (The Heart of a Monster #2)

Courted by Beasts
Can you beat monsters without becoming one?

Despite our best efforts, my devoted monstrous men and I have fallen into the clutches of one of our most powerful enemies. But the demon strikes a deal with me—our safety in exchange for my cooperation in a mysterious scheme.

It turns out he wants me to tap into magical powers more vile than the brutality I’ve faced from his kind. With my family and the men I’ve fallen for on the line, playing along may be my only chance at survival.

But as we search for a way to win our freedom for good, the danger grows greater by the day. I’m running out of options.

To defeat the villains who want to claim me, will I have to turn into one myself?

Defended by Demons (The Heart of a Monster #3)

Defended by Demons
Monstrous is as monstrous does…

I’ve finally accepted my fate. I can’t bury my head in the sand while vicious fiends threaten everything I care about.

Even if protecting the beastly men I love means committing a betrayal more brutal than anything they’ve ever done.

Even if getting a handle on my powers requires walking into the den of the most monstrous human beings I’ve ever known.

I’ll find the answers to defeating our enemies, whatever it takes. I’ll find my way back to the life I was supposed to have.

Or maybe I’ll die trying. But you’d better believe I’ll do everything in my power to take the worst of the villains down with me.

Hailed by Fiends (The Heart of a Monster #4)

Hailed by Fiends

How many monsters does it take to stop the greatest villain of all?

I’ve let myself become more of a monster than I ever wanted to. Now the shadowkind are flocking to my side, eager to stand with me.

But I don’t know if I’m strong enough to foil to the villain who’s put the whole world in his vicious sights. This borrowed heart might have given me my powers, but using them has rushed me toward my inevitable end.

I hate having to drag anyone else into this horrible battle with me… but if I can’t find a way to build up my new army—and fast—the world as we know it will disappear.