Freebies and Bonus Scenes

Eva offers three ebooks totally free to those who subscribe to her author newsletter!

Raven's Fall

This reverse harem fantasy novella features Norse mythology, hot men, dangerous beasts, and a powerful woman who’s not afraid to follow her passion. It’s a companion to the Their Dark Valkyrie series but can be read as a standalone. Get it here!

Rose's Boys

This prequel story for the Witch’s Consorts series shows Rose and her men as young teens, navigating budding romantic attraction and a disapproving stepmother eleven years before the events in the main series. Get it here!

Burning Hearts

A standalone M/F paranormal romance novella in which passion sparks between two captives in a research lab for studying psychic abilities. Get it here!

You can also grab all of the following bonus scenes for various series for free!

More than a Thief

What was Stavros thinking and feeling during some of his tensest moments with Ivy in Thief of Silver and Souls? Pick up this bonus scene to find out!

The Girl We Knew

What was going through Jacob’s head when Andreas confronted him in Shattered Vow, and what changed his mind about Riva? This bonus POV scene will give you an inside look!

The Worst of Her - Torrent bonus scene

What made Torrent finally accept his growing affection for Quinn in Chosen by Villains? Read this bonus scene from his POV to find out!

A Little Space - Ruin bonus scene

What did Lily’s resurrected gangsters get up to while she took a little space from them in chapter 20 of The Stalking Dead? Find out with this bonus scene from Ruin’s POV!

For the Best - Whitt bonus scene

What was going through Whitt’s mind in Captive of Wolves while he went from convincing Talia to leave the keep to protecting her in the woods? Enjoy this bonus scene from his point of view!

Devoured - Snap bonus scene

What happened to Snap after the end of Twilight Crook to leave him in the state in which he’s found in Dusk Avenger? This bonus scene from his point of view fills in that blank in the story.

The One Who Started It - Malcolm bonus scene

By popular demand, this bonus scene gives you the chance to experience the infamous lake encounter in Chapter 16 of Sinister Wizardry from Malcolm’s point of view. Get it now!

Make It Back - Jude bonus scene

What went through Jude’s mind when Rory left him on the side of the road in Chapter 22 of Vile Sorcery, and how did he come around to deciding he had to win her back? This bonus scene gives you the chance to find out!

First Shift - West bonus scene

This is a bonus scene from West’s POV, showing the events in chapters 20 and 21of Dragon’s Guard when Ren first fully shifts into her dragon form. Get it now!