Demons of Fame

These demons can make your dreams come true, but they’ll steal far more than your soul…

Demons of Fame: The Complete Series

Demons of Fame

Lose your heart to save their souls…

Demons stalk the parties and premieres of Los Angeles, feeding on artists’ dreams of fame and glory—and sucking their victims dry after they sink in their claws. Only one group stands in their way. But for the members of the Tether Society, protecting their clients from supernatural fiends comes with all kinds of risks to their own hearts.

Avery’s new brash but brilliant rock star client seems intent on tempting the predatory demons with his wild behavior. The only way Avery can distract him from his antics is by fanning the flames of attraction quickly growing between them. But he’s keeping a secret that could ruin them both.

Fiona is back at work after a disastrous tumble into drug addiction, determined to stay clean and to protect her teen TV star client. But keeping her longing for thrills under wraps while her client’s hot older brother is around is quite the challenge. As the demons ramp up their attacks, will the kindling romance save her—or tear her apart?

Haunted by the death of his first girlfriend, Mateo’s fears have nearly cost him his job. So when a demon approaches him to negotiate a ceasefire, he sees a way to gather information on their plans and prove his worth. But the seductive fiend stirs up more emotion in him than he ever expected to feel. Is she more than a monster, or is she leading him even farther astray?

Sofie fled to L.A. never expecting to be recruited into defending the world from demons. But when her advisor for her first job is hotter than a summer wildfire, it’s hard to complain. As the Tether Society attempts to end the conflict between humans and demons completely, will the passion flaring between him and Sofie light the way or burn everything they’ve been working toward to the ground?

*This set contains all four books set in the world of the Tether Society—Caught in the Glow, Caught in the Rush, Caught in the Dream, and Caught in the Burn—as well as two bonus scenes.*