Bound to the Fae

A wounded human woman must hold her own among the powerful, possessive wolf-shifting fae who need her blood to cure a horrible curse…

Captive of Wolves (Bound to the Fae #1)

Captive of Wolves

She has survived inhuman horrors. They will protect her at all costs. But can they save her from the monsters within them?

For years, the monsters who killed my family have held me in a cage. Brutalized and half-starved. Only kept alive so they can steal my blood.

Until one evening when four eerily gorgeous men break me out of my prison.

They offer me a safe haven under their protection. A soft bed, delicious food, and all I need to heal. I’m not used to this kindness—or the desires their smoldering eyes and strong hands stir in my body and my heart.

But these fearsome men aren’t really men. Like my captors, they’re fae who can shift into wolves. A curse gripping the faerie realm turns them wild under the full moon, and only my blood can cure their rage.

As long as I’m a prize more than a person, how can I trust their kindness?

I’ve survived this long without giving up. Somehow this damaged human girl will hold her own among the savage wolves.

Note: The story contains scenes of physical abuse and emotional trauma dealt by the villains but no sexual violence. All intimate moments are consensual, and there is no abuse from the love interests.

Feral Blood (Bound to the Fae #2)

Feral Blood

Twice I’ve been kidnapped by the fae.

First were the monsters who ripped me from everything I knew and threw me in a cage.
Next came the men who rescued me and offered me a safe haven.

But my saviors and my former captors have something in common. A decades-old curse holds all the Seelie fae in its grasp, turning them into savage, mindless beasts with the rise of the full moon. Something in my blood cures that rage like nothing else they’ve found. To most of them, I’m nothing but a prize to be claimed.

The fiercely passionate men who’ve taken me in would give me my freedom, but the ones who first stole me will stop at nothing to drag me back into their prison. The already weakened pack that’s welcomed me may not survive a battle.

I didn’t expect to find love among the fae… but I can’t deny the feelings growing inside me. I didn’t mean to get mixed up in a war between them… but here I am. When my newfound lovers leap into the fray to protect me, I won’t let them fight alone.

No matter what it costs me.

Kings of Moonlight (Bound to the Fae #3)

Kings of Moonlight

My power could unite the summer fae… or tear them utterly apart.

The truth is out. The whole Seelie realm now knows that the cure for their full moon curse lies in my blood.

I thought the gamble of revealing that secret would put only my safety on the line. But when one of the arch-lords sets his sights on me, it soon becomes clear there’s so much more at stake.

Claiming me is just one piece in a play for control over all Seelie kind. How can honorable men like my new lovers fight back when our enemies are willing to stoop so low? To save me and his pack, the lord who rescued me may have to turn into the thing he hates most.

With awful secrets unearthed and betrayals among our own, can I find a way to be my lovers’ strength in this storm—or will I become their fatal weakness?

Royal Mate (Bound to the Fae #4)

Royal Mate

Love bound us together… but fate has other plans.

Just when a happily ever after with my Seelie men was within reach, the Heart of the Mists tied me to one of the foreboding winter arch-lords. I can’t escape the connection between us. The enemy can speak from right within my soul.

I’m not willing to give up on my happiness that easily, but I can’t let the realms descend into all-out war. I’ll brave the uncertainties of the winter lands if that’s what it takes to protect the men I love.

My chilly Unseelie arch-lord isn’t quite what I expected, though. As the lines between ally and enemy start to blur, can I stop the clash of winter and summer before even more blood is shed?

Secrets of Winter (Bound to the Fae #5)

Secrets of Winter

Is this bond a blessing or a curse?

My blood binds me to the curse of the summer fae. Am I entwined with the Unseelie’s curse as well? I didn’t ask to be the key to the survival of not one but two faerie realms, but I can’t stand by while others suffer if there’s some way I can help.

Unfortunately, the ties of my heart to men on both sides may cause more problems than I can solve. After years of violence, will summer and winter even find peace? Neither side is eager to compromise, and my lovers’ loyalties to me have turned them into targets.

I want to believe that love can win out over hate and pain. But as tensions both between and within the realms rise, it might break me apart instead.

Fated Crown (Bound to the Fae #6)

Fated Crown

Are some bonds meant to be broken?

I thought I’d lost everything when the vicious fae murdered my family and stole me away. I’ve made a life with more love than I could have imagined in these dangerous, magical lands. But it turns out I left something behind in the human world.

My heart longs to make up for the time I’ve lost—but it also can’t let go of the four fae men I adore. With all of the fae seeing me as some kind of savior, how can I choose who needs me most?

And is there another threat lurking behind the arch-lords’ attempts to tear me from my lovers? I can’t shake the feeling that my greatest challenge lies ahead of me, one no crown or tender words can save me from.

Lies of Murk (Bound to the Fae #7)

Lies of Murk

What if everything you’d fought for was a lie?

Just when it seemed I’d overcome the biggest obstacles my fae mates and I could face, I find myself in the hands of their greatest enemies. Enemies who have more power than we ever imagined.

Enemies who hold so much more sway over my life than I want to believe.

I have to escape, and not just to warn the men I love and defend the home I’ve made with them. The longer I remain, the more these villains can use me to destroy everything I care about.

If I fail now, the entire faerie world will crumble. I don’t know if I can do it alone—but where will I find an ally among the cruelest of the fae?

Chained Soul (Bound to the Fae #8)

Chained Soul

Who will win the war for my soul?

My return to my mates has brought unexpected joys—and warnings of danger to come. But as we prepare for war with the greatest enemies of the Mists, a new ally arrives with an even more dire revelation.

I haven’t escaped the sadistic Murk king after all. His magic lurks inside me, sinking in its vicious claws. However he can use me to torment the fae I love, he will.

The man who once stood beside him may hold the key to saving all of us. But he and my mates have centuries of hate to overcome. Blood will be shed, lives will be lost… and one of them might be mine.

Note: This book contains scenes of early pregnancy trauma.

Heart of the Mists (Bound to the Fae #9)

Heart of the Mists

Will I sacrifice my heart to save my home?

War has finally come to the Mists. The Murk have invaded, and if they have their way, the men I love and all the other fae in the place I now call home will fall before their twisted magic.

I may be only human, but I won’t let my lovers fight alone. I’ve proven again and again that I’m more than a cure for their curse. I’m not a tool but a wild card our enemies still don’t fully understand.

But our only chance at victory may come at a cost too high for me to bear. What if winning means destroying the bonds that have made my life worth living?