Vigilante Kings

Madelyn’s stepbrother used her and threw her away… but now she must turn to him and his distractingly hot friends to solve a dangerous mystery.

Savage Secrets (Vigilante Kings #1)

Savage Secrets

My stepbrother used me and threw me away. Now he’s the only one I can turn to.

When my car is stolen outside my new college dorm, my roommate points me to “The Vigil”—a trio of students who tackle crimes when campus security drops the ball.

The last thing I expect walking into the Vigil’s office is to find Logan Brooks staring back at me.

I want nothing to do with the stepbrother I once had the world’s hugest crush on. Two years ago, patching up his mysterious injuries led to a passionate hookup on the bathroom sink. And then he totally ghosted me.

But even though he looks at me like I’m dirt under his shoe, he and his distractingly hot friends insist on taking my case.

No way am I letting them investigate on their own. Working with them will give me the chance to find out what’s really up with Logan. Why he was bruised and bleeding that night. Why he’s shut off the whole family.

Except when our search takes an unexpected turn, I realize the truth is even more horrifying than what I thought I knew…

Reckless Games (Vigilante Kings #2)

Reckless Games
All I wanted was to understand what turned my stepbrother so cold.

I never expected that the journey would end with him and his friends crouched around a bloody corpse.

But when they reveal that they’ve been investigating an unsolved crime that tore my family apart without me even realizing it, how can I walk away?

The deeper I tumble down the rabbit hole with them, the more I believe their theories. If what they’re saying is true, then my life might be on the line as well. And even though I’m falling for all of them in ways I never expected, they can’t protect me anymore.

Especially when the greatest threat could come from the other man I’ve invited in…

Wicked Love (Vigilante Kings #3)

Wicked Love
Has the real enemy been standing right beside me?

One of the men I’ve fallen for may be entwined in my father’s murder. The other three are determined to bring him to justice. I stand in the middle, unsure of what to believe.

If I accept Beckett’s denials and hold on to the trust he earned before, I could be letting a horrible criminal walk free.

But if I push him away and he’s telling the truth, then we’re all in the sights of a vicious organization larger than the rest of us could have imagined. Villains determined to take down not just our investigation but law and order across this city.

And I’m the one they’ll be gunning for first.

Twisted Empire (Vigilante Kings #4)

Twisted Empire

The past has come back to haunt us… way too literally.

Our investigation into my dad’s murder has taken an even stranger turn than I could have imagined. One that’s shattered everything my stepbrother and long-time love believed about himself and his family. One that’s thrown all of our plans for a loop.

But the four guys standing by my side won’t back down, and neither will I. If there’s a way to see justice served, we’ll find it.

And if there isn’t… then at least we’ll go down together.