All of Eva’s series are available in audiobook or will be shortly! Check out those already on Audible below.

Shotgun Spin audiobook

Blades of Havoc

When a mafia princess with dreams of figure-skating glory flees her murderous family, she crosses paths with two tempting male skaters… and must defend her new life from the demons of her past.

Series in progress in audio! Grab it here.

Savage Secrets

Vigilante Kings

Madelyn’s stepbrother used her and threw her away… but now she must turn to him and his distractingly hot friends to solve a dangerous mystery.

Series complete in audio! Grab it here.

Killer Beauty

The Chaos Crew

Four brutal hitmen kidnap a woman who’s a loose end in their latest job, not realizing she’s a deadly assassin. The attraction that sparks between them could be even deadlier.

Series complete in audio! Grab it here.

Crooked Paradise

Crooked Paradise

When her fiancé murders her family at their rehearsal dinner, gang princess Mercy runs to the biggest, baddest criminals in town to get her revenge.

Series complete in audio! Grab the audio box set or the individual audiobooks.