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You might start with my new reverse harem urban fantasy series, Flirting with Monsters. One sassy pyromaniac thief, three sexy-as-sin monsters, and a paranormal conspiracy of epic proportions.

Shadow Thief

Or discover my gothic paranormal academy series, Cursed Studies. Trix came to Roseborne College searching for her missing brother. Can she break the curse that holds the school—and three alluring young men—in its grip?

Academy of the Forgotten Academy of the Forsaken Academy of the Fateful

Venture into my other reverse harem paranormal academy series, Royals of Villain Academy. A defiant young woman who’s just discovered her magic. Four hot, arrogant men determined to break her. Who will surrender first?

Cruel Magic Vile Sorcery Sinister Wizardry Horrid Charms Corrupt Alchemy Foul Conjuring Grim Witchery Vicious Arts

Or discover my modern reverse harem spin on the classic Sherlock Holmes characters, Moriarty’s Men. A female criminal genius draws London’s top detectives into a seductive game of cat and mouse…

A Study in Seduction The Temptation of Four The Hounds of Devotion The Valley of Flames

Check out my grown-up twist on Alice in Wonderland, The Looking-Glass Curse. A world full of wonder—and horror. Three enticing, secretive men. A secret destiny waiting to be discovered…

Wicked Wonderland Wrathful Wonderland Wanton Wonderland

Don’t miss my myth-inspired reverse harem urban fantasy series, Their Dark Valkyrie. Four scorching hot gods. One kickass valkyrie. Nine realms of trouble. You’ve never seen Norse mythology like this!

Claimed by Gods Bound to Gods Falling for Gods Waking the Gods

In my gothic-flavored reverse harem paranormal romance series, The Witch’s Consorts, every witch knows the rules… but to claim her magic and her happiness, Rose will break them all.

Consort of Secrets cover Consort of Thorns cover Consort of Pain cover Consort of Fire cover Consort of Light cover

I’m also the author of the Alpha Project Psychic Romances paranormal romance series. These brothers have powers others want to exploit… and passions they can’t deny.

Burning Hearts cover Colliding Hearts cover Hidden Hearts cover

And another reverse harem paranormal romance series, The Dragon Shifter’s Mates. The last of the dragon shifters meets her four alpha mates, and life gets a little bit dangerous…

Dragon's Guard cover Dragon's Tears cover Dragon's Desire cover Dragon's Fate cover Dragon's Joy cover

And an urban fantasy series, Legends Reborn, full of sarcastic wizardry, cruel fae, Arthurian legend, and a star-crossed love fifteen hundred years in the making:

  Magic Waking cover Soul's Blade Dragon of Destiny

And my first paranormal romance series, the Demons of Fame Romances, in which steamy romance collides with a paranormal threat amid the celebrity culture of L.A.